Due to its alarming financial circumstances, Insel Air International (Insel Curaçao) was granted a suspension of payment in March. In his first moratorium report to the administrator, trustee Rogier van den Heuvel stated that continuation of the activities of Insel Curaçao is necessary and responsible.

Rogier van den Heuvel: “Being able to travel by plane between the Caribbean islands of the Kingdom is of major social and economic importance, and therefore essential. Continuation of Insel’s business activities is furthermore a responsible choice, as with the loan Insel Curaçao received from the government it seemed and seems possible to keep the airline operational until May. By that time, Insel Curaçao expects to have a positive cash flow again.”  

The first moratorium report was widely discussed in local newspaper ‘Antilliaans Dagblad’ (clipping in Dutch). The public moratorium report (in Dutch) can be found here.


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