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Shipping & Aviation

Shipping and aviation are industries of essence in the Dutch Caribbean region. With our broad experience in this sector, we offer assistance and give advice on a variety of matters.

Shipping & Aviation

There is a growing need for transport thanks to for example tourism and the storage and transshipment for the oil industry. This brings both opportunities and challenges for the sector.

For this, but also for the favorable conditions for the seizure and execution of ships and the registration of aircrafts, both local and international parties find their way to the Dutch Caribbean transportation sector.

Our team can assist in the seizure and execution of ships as well as aircraft registrations. We also give advice on matters such as financing (aircraft and ship mortgages), registrations and liability for damages.

Our people

Acting as one team, we offer an integrated service throughout the Dutch Caribbean.

Jan Willem Storm van ‘s Gravesande

Of Counsel

Jan Willem Storm van ’s Gravesande has been active in the aviation industry since 1976. After studies in economics he studied Dutch law at the Groningen University and aviation and space law at the Utrecht University.

Our people

Melitza Willems


Melitza Willems joined VANEPS as a junior associate in September 2018. She works at the Corporate & Banking section of our firm.

Our people

Roderik van Hees


Roderik (1983) is an attorney-at-law and partner of our firm. He specializes in corporate and commercial dispute resolution.

Our people

Ruthnialys Mogen

Senior associate

Ruthnialys Mogen is a critical thinker who approaches challenging legal issues diligently. She specializes in privacy and intellectual property and works at the Corporate & Banking section of our firm on Curacao.

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