Our expertise

Energy & Natural Recources

Energy and Natural Resources fuel our economies.

Energy & Natural Resources

In small island states the importance of a reliable and constant supply of fuels, production of electricity and drinking water cannot be underestimated. Our team understands the challenges suppliers and producers of hydrocarbon products, energy and drinking water face when doing business in the Caribbean.

We not only advise local utility companies, but also producers of hydrocarbon products and storage terminals as well as companies that are active in the exploration and exploitation of oil. This requires knowledge of the local legal framework, but also if its position in relation to customary international rules and regulations and liabilities. We are also involved in providing input for the applicable legal frameworks and advice on permitting and enforcement issues. In this sector often some sort of Public Private Partnership is formed and we have the knowledge and experience to ensure a smooth cooperation respecting all interests involved. If a public procurement or tender procedure is required, we are able to assist in setting up such tender or to advise participants how to participate.

Our team also covers environmental issues and we have a unique experience in and out of court to advise on which norms would apply and what the possibilities and requirements are from an environmental perspective. We have participated in sustainable wind and solar projects on the different islands and have contributed to a high percentage of energy production by means of wind and solar.

In the Caribbean and also in Surinam we assist with strategic partnerships, energy contracts, dispute resolution, power asset transactions, financing, environmental law and issues within the public sector.

Our people

Acting as one team, we offer an integrated service throughout the Dutch Caribbean.

Focco Lunsingh Scheurleer


Focco Lunsingh Scheurleer has over twenty-five years of experience as an attorney-at-law and advises both lenders and investors on a broad spectrum of matters in the area of banking, finance and business law.

Onze mensen

Randolph van Eps

Of Counsel

Randolph van Eps has broad experience as an attorney-at-law with an emphasis on business law and business dispute resolution. He is also one of the driving forces of our Suriname desk.

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Roderik van Hees


Roderik (1983) is an attorney-at-law and partner of our firm. He specializes in corporate and commercial dispute resolution.

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Tom Peeters


Tom Peeters is an experienced and specialized real estate attorney-at-law, managing partner of our firm and local manager of our Aruba and Bonaire offices.

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