On Bonaire, Aruba and Curacao, the production of good quality drinking water is the responsibility of the utility companies. On the different islands, the current facilities seems to approach the end of their economical and technical lifetime. This combined with the increased demand for drinking water, results in the utility companies to replace their current production facilities.

The Caribbean drinking water is produced by means of the so-called reversed osmosis process. This results in the production of drinking water (potable water) from sea water.

On Bonaire a tender has been organized and a contract has been concluded that will result in the realization of a new drinking water plant. Curacao is in the final stages of determining the specifications and recently Aruba has issued a Request for Information that urges interested and qualified companies to express their interest to implement the project.

We have assisted the utility companies as well as interested parties (of course not in the same project) and have the knowledge and experience to assist in determining the right structure (BOO, DBFM, DBFMO, DBM) and form of contract (FIDIC, local, UAV-GC) as well as assisting in the legal project management and the financing of these projects.

Please take good note of this opportunity, because this opportunity may not arise again for the next 10-15 years!