Tom Peeters and Brechtje Huiskes informed the participants regarding the opportunities and challenges for the organization and regulation of gaming in the Dutch Caribbean. Brechtje explained the different applicable legal frameworks and the challenges that resulted from the fact that this legal framework is not complete and sometimes outdated, because of the high-speed developments in the gaming industry.

The participating government representatives were provided with suggestions regarding legislation to be introduced. Tom analyzed the structures applied in setting up gaming companies and with reference to recent case law. He pointed out that serious liability risks may exist, also for parties that were formerly expected not to be liable (permit holders, board members, supervisory institutions and even ultimate beneficial owners).

The Dutch Caribbean Anti-Money Laundering and Gaming Regulation Forum covered topics such as AML and CFT measures, Bank De-Risking & Regulatory Issues, Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies, Sports Betting, iGaming, Casino regulations, Compliance and Good Governance.

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