Under the supervising eyes of family and colleagues Tjarda Tazelaar and Vin Soeltaansingh were sworn in at the Courthouse of Curaçao on Tuesday January 29. Both are working in the Corporate and Banking section at the Curaçao office branch of VANEPS.

Tjarda Tazelaar is a senior associate and an expert in the field of corporate law. He is specialized in mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, private equity and corporate governance. Prior to joining VANEPS in Curaçao, he was nine years at the Law firm VanDoorne established in Amsterdam, where he was part of the Corporate/M&A team. Though he was working as a lawyer for some time already, the swearing in was a special moment. “Very pleasant that after my swearing in in the Netherlands, I can now also call myself a lawyer in Curaçao.”

Vin Soeltaansingh is working at VANEPS as a junior associate since June 2018. For Vin the swearing in was also a special moment. “The swearing in naturally marks the start of one’s career as lawyer. I considered it extra special that I could experience the swearing in together with colleague Tjarda Tazelaar.”