VANEPS has revised the special recruitment website The website informs students, starters and professionals about the career options with our firm. We aim our recruitment policy at (future) lawyers from the Caribbean or those who have affinity with the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. The information provided and the look and feel of the website reflect this.

The website shows in words and visually why the legal profession in the Dutch Caribbean region, and specifically with VANEPS, is so special. The dynamic website provides a variety of impressions, just like the Caribbean itself. For instance, 15 colleagues of VANEPS share their vision on aspects of living and working on the various islands of the Dutch Caribbean, such as the social life and the typical characteristics of the legal profession in this region. Visitors can also experience the legal profession in the tropics through the blog that is published on the website. Finally, the website provides various options to get to know the firm personally, such as a Skype consultation hour with the recruiter and an overview of all recruitment activities in an event calendar. Of course, all vacancies are published on the website.

There is also a website version for support staff, in addition to the two versions for starting and experienced lawyers. This way, specific information is provided per target group. The website is part of a new recruitment campaign of VANEPS.

Partner Mayesi Hammoud, responsible for HR, says: “We are always looking for the best lawyers. We want to offer this critical target group the same comprehensive approach and flexibility that we also provide to our clients. This requires more than simply a summary of vacancies on our firm’s normal website. With the recruitment website, and by sharing extensive information on social media, potential future colleagues can already get to know us, get an impression based on which they can decide to apply for a job, and they can ask specific questions during the application procedure.”