With Brenda Stuart taking the oath earlier this month VANEPS has added nine new lawyers to its team this year. In September 2015, Brenda joined the Curaçao office of VANEPS as a junior associate.

In 2014 Brenda obtained her master’s degree in Private-Law Legal Practice at the University of Amsterdam. After graduating, she worked as a lawyer at Eiffel in the Netherlands, where she gained experience in for instance employment law, public service law and administrative law. Earlier, she graduated in Social Work and Services. In addition to her studies Brenda was an active contributor in the social field. For example, she was a tutor in European law and editor at Legal360 (an online community for legal professionals).

Brenda is an enthusiastic lawyer with the ambition to specialize in employment law. “By advising clients with an eye for their social, cultural and commercial interests I am able to contribute my bit towards our local community via them. I consider that to be very important and it is the reason why I like working as an attorney: helping clients with my legal knowledge and thus enabling them to perform their work efficiently and professionally.” On taking the oath, Brenda remarks: “It is the ultimate reward for both studies I graduated in. I am proud and glad that I can now assist clients in Court and fully practice the profession of an attorney.

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