On Saturday 10 June 2017, minister Carlos Alex Schwengle (Public Health, Elderly Care and Sports) and seven important organizations in the healthcare sector signed the letter of intent concerning the Governance Code Health care on Aruba. This Code is drafted by the Ministry of Public Health, Elderly Care and Sports and the team of VANEPS, working closely together with the Aruban healthcare sector.

Starting point of the development of a Governance Code Healthcare on Aruba was a two-day workshop on good governance in healthcare and sports in 2016. Directors of various organizations in these two sectors participated in workshops provided by experts in the field of corporate governance. Together they tried to specify the challenges and opportunities, and strengths and weaknesses of healthcare and sports on Aruba.

Following these workshops, the Ministry, together with partner Frank Kunneman and Counsel GRC Robbert Kroon of VANEPS, started drafting a Governance Code Healthcare. During this process, several sessions were organized to discuss the Code with pilot organizations governed by the Ministry. The feedback and input coming from these sessions was of great value for the drafting of the final content of the Governance Code Healthcare.

By signing the letter of intent, the Ministry and the seven healthcare organizations promise to actively support the implementation and compliance of the Code in their organizations. The minister sees the development of the Code as a process. Therefore, follow-up sessions will be organized to help the parties involved with the implementation of the Code, possibly this year already.