On 12 May, the Kingdom Council of Ministers decided to reject the appeal against the extension of financial supervision, filed by the Curaçao Government. This decision was made based on the advice of the Kingdom Council of State and was identical to the draft decision (‘concept besluit’) that the Council of State had prepared. As a part of the appeal procedure, a hearing of the Council of State of the Dutch Kingdom took place on 29 March. In this hearing Rogier van den Heuvel of VANEPS represented the country government of Curaçao.

The Kingdom Council of Ministers decided in October 2015 to prolong financial supervision for Curaçao, after the committee for the evaluation of the Kingdom act on financial supervision advised to do so. Rogier explains in an interview with Caribisch Netwerk (Caribbean Network) that Curaçao disagrees with the motivation that the financial management would be insufficient, as the criteria that are used, are indistinct. The interview can be downloaded here (in Dutch).