The VANEPS team is proud to announce a landmark ruling made by the Curacao Court of First Instance on February 6, 2023, in which the court found that the Curacao Government has been acting unlawfully by providing  insufficient funding for education in general and private schools, more specifically VPCO, in particular.

The verdict was made in response to a complaint put forward by VPCO which indicated that there was inadequate funding by the Curacao Government of private schools in general and VPCO in particular and that VPCO received proportionately less funding than public schools. The government is ordered to pay additional funding of around ANG 2.2 million per year as damages, until the law provides for adequate funding.

This ruling is a major step forward for equal and adequate funding for private schools, and the VANEPS team is proud to have been a part of this important cause.

The VANEPS team was comprised of Michiel Gorsira and Rogier van den Heuvel.