On Thursday 3 September 2015, VANEPS organized a seminar free of charge for the NGO Platform Bonaire, about corporate governance. On behalf of the firm, keynote speakers were corporate governance experts Frank Kunneman and Robbert Kroon, and head of the Bonaire office Tom Peeters.

The seminar was tailored for foundations and a total of 29 professionals from different organizations participated. Among others, organizations represented included Stinapa, Young Bonaire, BestCare, Crucada, DCNA, FKPD and Rotary, and smaller organizations like Bonaire Sailing School, Pro Hubentut and Bonaire Cares.

The seminar covered topics such as the best governance models for different situations, liabilities and how to prevent them, and the requirements that must be fulfilled in order to qualify for (European) Dutch subsidizers. The interactive lectures were followed by many questions. As a result of the response, VANEPS intends to organize more seminars like this one for the NGO Platform Bonaire. Tom Peeters: ”It is of the utmost importance for the development of Bonaire that all volunteers that are committed to contributing to the future of our island, do this the right way. We hope that our seminar has contributed to this matter.”