Since 2013, VANEPS has been actively involved in the implementation of the Electricity and Drinking Water Act BES. In August 2013, lawyer Tom Peeters submitted a consultation reaction in which he identified several bottlenecks regarding the implementation of the new rules on the BES islands. The legislator applied most suggestions for improvement, and on 22 April 2016, the Act was adopted and published in the Bulletin of Acts and Decrees. The law is expected to come into effect on 1 July 2016.

From the date of commencement, a few things will change in Bonaire. As VANEPS aims to enable local businesses to anticipate to these changes, the firm organized a seminar on 31 May 2016. Lawyers Tom Peeters and Thies Leijsen informed participants of sixteen different organizations on the impending changes. In addition to the seminar, VANEPS collected all legislative texts, relevant explanatory notes and amendments in one document. This document is available here (in Dutch) and will be adjusted based on future new regulation, explanatory notes and if possible case law.