During the annual Student Award Ceremony 2018-2019 on November 29th 2019 at the University of Aruba, the annual VANEPS thesis award was awarded. This year’s winner is Anna Keuning for her thesis ‘The legal remedy to set aside a default judgment in Aruba: does this legal remedy still exist (in the future)?’.

‘All three nominated theses had actual topics and showed a thorough analysis, which made it a difficult decision this year’, said Brechtje Huiskes.

The choice ultimately fell on Ms. Keunings’s thesis, because she was able by means of creative and critical research to chart both the legal and social common grounds of her subject. This will enable the legislator to make a considered decision about whether or not to abolish the legal remedy to set aside a default judgement in Aruba. The issue and research are thorough and objective and the reader is being taken along the various decision points on the basis of the facts and the analysis thereof.

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