As a gesture of this season, we decided to donate the money we normally spend on gifts and giveaways during the holiday season to four local charities: one on each island we have offices. All charities were picked by our local team and do amazing jobs.


For Aruba the team there chose to donate to Animal Relief Foundation. This foundation has been committed to help the homeless, hungry and neglected animals on Aruba since 2010. They do this through sterilization, adoption and education, By this they try to eliminate the street animal population.


Team Bonaire chose Fundashon Lesa i Skirbi. This organization commits itself to prevent and reduce low literacy on Bonaire, specifically for children aged 0 to 18 years old. They do this with their three pillars: stimulate the pleasure of reading and read aloud, increasing the range of books available and supplementary education.


On Curacao our team chose to donate to Hospice Arco Cavent. The hospice offers accommodation to people who require palliative (soothing) and terminal care to people in the final phase of their lives. They offer care day and night in a homely environment, surrounded and cared for by loved ones and volunteers of the hospice, for those who can’t stay home in the final phase of their live.

St. Maarten

For St. Maarten, our team chose Animal Defenders. This organization raises awareness, compassion and funds for the animals. They fight the pet overpopulation on the island by ABC, which stands for Animal Birth Control. With the funds they raise, they are able to prevent births and prevent lots of suffering with simple spay/neuter campaigns.

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