The VANEPS Master Thesis Prize on Aruba is won by Rogier Hendriquez this year. Brechtje Huiskes handed the prize to mr. Rodriquez on the 11th of September for his thesis: ‘Cross-border B2C E-Commerce in the Aruban IPR. The international jurisdiction of the Aruban judge on cross-border electronic consumer contracts’. 

“Reviewing this year’s theses was not an easy task”, according to Brechtje Huiskes. The jury compliments the candidates for the fact that they have all chosen a subject that deals with aspects of international private law.

The main reason we chose mr. Hendriquez as this year’s winner, was because of the actuality of the subject and because there is still no consensus on the identified issues in this part of the legal practice. Partly because of this, the thesis can be of great value in drafting and determining local regulations in this area.

Brechtje Huiskes: “The thesis is well written and shows of profound research in literature and jurisprudence; it’s detailed and meticulous. When it comes to the conclusion and recommendations, the writer did not show his great potential yet, therefore we  look very forward to his insights about the choices to be made by the regulators in the future”.

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