After the second sold-out edition on 31 March and a total of 200 participants in the Dia di Fundashon, the organizers VANEPS and The Galan Group consider the introduction of this new corporate governance event a success. Participants’ response indicates that the concept meets a need for broad training, which was not met earlier.

The objective of the Dia di Fundashon was to provide the participants with practical tools they can use right away, in order to professionalize the corporate governance of their association or foundation. For that purpose, ten corporate governance experts were brought together, each of whom guided a break-out session on various disciplines within corporate governance. The participants were able to attend three of these interactive sessions.

Siegmond van Lamoen, founder of the non-profit organization I-Animal: “I attended both editions of the Dia di Fundashon. Policy and annual planning, leadership, preventing liability: actually all the themes that were on the program are relevant to directors of foundations and associations. So, I wanted to attend as many as possible.” Inette Luckmann, director at Children’s Museum, endorses that: “You get the opportunity to learn more about various important topics, of which some are not directly in your line. For this reason, the session on taxation really stood out for me. In addition, this was a nice opportunity to meet with other directors, and expand my network.”

After the positive feedback, the organizers are considering how to follow up on the tremendous interest. In addition, it is being considered whether the event can be extended to the other islands in the Dutch Caribbean.

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