With attorney at law Lorena Navia taking the oath on Tuesday 7 June 2016, the Bonaire office of VANEPS has added a sworn attorney to their team. Lorena started at VANEPS in Bonaire in January. She started in the firm’s Litigation & Commercial section.

In 2013, Lorena Navia graduated in corporate law and completed a master’s degree in political science with an International Relations specialization as well. She worked in the field of asylum and migration law and as a legal assistant with the Red Cross on a voluntary basis. Her international view and social commitment strongly influenced her desire to work as an attorney in Bonaire. “As a starting attorney on a small island like Bonaire, you’re interacting with your clients right from the start, and you actually see result of the work you do for them. But not only the small scale here appeals to me. I already learned a lot in a brief period of time, mainly because of the combination of local work and international matters.” Lorena describes being sworn in as a moment to remember. “When you take the oath before the Court of Justice in your robe, you officially become an attorney. And for me, that was the main reason to change course and settle in Bonaire.”

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