On Monday 21 December 2015 VANEPS organized the second edition of the Ban Topa networking reception. At our Curaçao office we welcomed law students and young professionals with Caribbean roots or affinity, living in the Netherlands or the Caribbean. Pre-university students, who will enroll in law school after their exams, were also invited. In this way, it was possible for all attendants to ask each other and the attorneys of VANEPS about their experiences.

The Ban Topa was organized with the intention to give (prospective) lawyers the opportunity to get acquainted with the Caribbean legal profession and, of course, each other. This objective was again achieved this year. For example, the differences between being a starting lawyer in the Netherlands versus the Caribbean were discussed. Furthermore, students at the University of Curaçao and the various Dutch universities shared their experiences about studying in the Netherlands versus Curaçao with pre-university students currently facing this choice.

VANEPS regularly organizes in-house days and activities, such as moot courts, to allow students and entry-level workers to get acquainted with the legal profession and the firm. The firm also provides two two-monthly trainee posts throughout the year for master students at the University of Curaçao and the Dutch universities. For more information check www.advocaatindecariben.com.

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